Privacy Policy


We will take care to protect your data in accordance with the law. Our website uses Jetpack Analytics to analyze traffic data. This data is anonymous. The website uses cookies which Anthony Walton Construcciones has no access to in order to provide a better experience. Unless you send us your information through the contact form (or by other means), we have none of your personal data. If you send us your data, or if we accidentally received that data from you, we would treat it privately in accordance to the law. That’s it.


The same as countless other websites, Anthony Walton Construcciones uses cookies to enhance your experience and for analytics provided by Google and in accordance with their Google Analytics privacy policy. Because Cookie data is not stored on our server, Anthony Walton cannot at any time view the content stored there. However, it is possible that security flaws exist in some browsers or operating systems that could in theory allow other site administrators to write malicious scripts that would collect data without Anthony Walton Construcciones’s knowledge, even though this is very unlikely.


Anthony Walton Construcciones guarantees the security and confidentiality of personal data given to it by its clients, and therefore, as established by Spain’s Organic Law 15/1999 for Personal Data Protection (Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (LOPD) and in the development regulations, the client/user stands as informed and gives their consent to the incorporation of their data to the automated files within Anthony Walton Construcciones and the automated treatment of the same, including those which Anthony Walton Construcciones gains access to as a consequence of navigating this website, in order to send and facilitate business communications, comercialization of products and services, maintenance and management of business and contractual relationships with Anthony Walton Construcciones, with the goal of providing our services in a more personalized and efficient format. The parties who will have access to that data will be those responsible for the business and technical aspects of Anthony Walton Construcciones.

Anthony Walton Construcciones’ privacy policy guarantees you, in any case, rights of access, rectification, cancelation, value and opposition within the terms established by current laws.

For that reason, and by that which is established in Spain’s Organic Law 15/1999 for Personal Data Protection and in the development regulations, Anthony Walton Construcciones guarantees adoption of necessary measures for the confidential treatment of said data and informs of the possibility of exercising, according to established regulations, the rights of access, rectification, cancelation, and opposition, by directing a written e-mail to Anthony Walton Construcciones through our contact form on this website or any of the methods on that page.